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Lead Generation Services
Our Lead Generation process is aimed to deliver prospect pools which are first identified online and in traditional media destinations, and then are stimulated to contact our clients using optimized messages and promotions. Clients receive prospect information at the exact moment it is processed from our real-time technology platform increasing conversion rates and return on investment.

Interactive Marketing
We use Interactive Marketing to deliver your message as clear and concise as possible... and to do this we use the power of Web Analytics and Optimization to monitor how successful your message has been delivered. Web Analytics and Optimization allow us to not only track traffic to your website from all over the world, but also helps us measure your conversion rates to dollars. We use these measured numbers to help us work with you to edit your message, focus on types of customers, geographical location and more. We focus in creative copywriting and begin these important customers for you with your potential customers.

Traditional Marketing
will help you determine the appropriate mix of online and offline marketing strategies to strengthen and enhance your brand with such proven methods as: Brand Creation, Direct Mail Services, Telemarketing Services, Printing Materials, Newspaper and Magazine Ad Creation, and Copywriting.

Sales Analysis and Budgeting
We will work in gathering, classifying, comparing and studying of company sales data during different time periods, against competition, changing trends or during specific campaigns. Our aim is to provide you with sales or sales-related figures that can determine your company's future outlook and/or next marketing strategy. Our services include: Sales Forecasting, Budgeting, Workforce Evaluation and Auditing.

Search Engine Marketing/Optimization
By incorporating your industry's best practices along with a real understanding of your target market,we can help get you to the top of the search engines. We will improve your brand's visibility via natural and paid searches, which include image searches, local searches, video searches, etc. by using such techniques as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Search Engine Public Relations and using Web Analytics.

Social Media Marketing
We help companies like yours develop a complete social media marketing strategy, so that you can listen to, join in, and create the conversations that enhance your brand. We identify the conversations that you MUST be a part of and eliminate those conversations which can only waste your time. We will also outline the opportunities that surround your brand online and generate those ideas that project your message and inspire your customers. By using Social Media Marketing, you can be assured that it creates an enormous advertising platform that can cover the most important facets of any business.

Web Design/Development
Our goal is simple... to develop these sites with maximum visual recognition that will drive traffic, appeal to your visitors and generate revenue for you. Our Web Design services include: Examination of core project marketing objectives, Examination of target audience, Creation of Site architecture, Wireframe skeleton creation and review process, and Design creation and review process.


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